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I'd Like to Say Hello.

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1 I'd Like to Say Hello. on Wed Dec 16, 2015 2:42 pm


Hello Members,

My names Richie i'm 29 and i suffered with Depression for over 7 years from the young age of 19. I never spoke out to anyone and everyday was a living hell, for me so i thought. I had no worries too major as i had a good job which was stable and a loving mum and dad, brothers and sisters however this darkness overpowered me.

At the age of 23, approx. 4 years into the illness i finally admitted i needed help after so much self harm to my body which wasn't healthy for me or my family. I'd left my job and went on unemployment which made me worse cause i was staying in and not going outside the door. I was put onto Lexapro tablets in which i took every night for nearly 3 years along with seeing a psychiatrist on a monthly basis to just talk about the generals in life. Nothing that went too deep at all.

They questioned my background of hobbies and interests, we spoke about cars as it was my interest and hobby and slowly it got to the stage i was going and just talking about anything without them needing to prod me. It was at this stage i started to feel like a somebody again from just talking which is why i set up this forum.

I feel even a small talk about the weather or the colour of your trainers can simply cheer one person up. So speaking experience of a person whose been in the darkest corner of the longest corridor, please don't bottle it up. Speak out, as we're here to listen and help where we can.

If i could do it. Anyone can.


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